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Process discovery is vital for gaining accurate insights on any processes for the purpose of transformation whether it is process redesign, process automation or even process outsourcing. In today’s ever-changing business environment, it’s imperative to have a good handle on any legacy processes that have been in place for a long time with little to no documentation.

Organizations typically either have to rely on external consultants for process studies or depend on dated almost cartoonish versions of the process via some process documents that are available. But today’s technological advancements have eliminated the need for such expensive and time consuming external initiatives. Epiplex500 analyses the As-Is process, identifies bottlenecks, generates workflows and even detailed process documents like BRD’s, SOP’s etc., and even Robotic Process Automation code resulting in rapid results for organizations going through process transformations.

The quality of data key for any downstream usage of that data for either analytics, mining, discovery, documentation or scripting. Epiplex process discovery solution offers the most advanced process capture engine that captures very granular details of user actions to perform their processes. Epiplex capture engine works on any underlying application/s.

The captured data can then be used for pattern recognition, task/process model creation, metrics on the processes, predicting automatability and potential ROI of such automations.

Apart from this, it can also be used for PDD/ SOP creation and RPA code generation.

Our solutions span from business process discovery to performance optimization to process training and hyper care. Let’s take a look at a detailed overview of our solutions.

Our Solutions:

Process Design and Documentation

Epiplex captures and analyses business processes from various applications, including CAD, UGNX, etc., major ERP products, and numerous other packaged applications. The extracted processes can be swiftly converted into valuable content in the form of interactive sessions, E-learning content and simulations in multiple languages, using a single authoring session. This prevents the loss in translation of process knowledge, saving costs and time associated with creating content.

Automated RPA Script Generation

Our automated solution captures process variations while retaining Tacit Knowledge from Subject Matter Experts. Our end-to-end automation discovers overlooked business opportunities and enables BOTs to automate them within just a few clicks. Epiance’s AI-powered solution is unified with an intelligent auto-filter that eliminates unnecessary steps and automatically masks confidential data. The Epiplex RPA BOT creation solution puts an end to onsite travel and ensures object-specific process capture in virtual environments.

Rapid Transition & Onboarding

Epiplex’s Rapid Process Transition and Onboarding solution assure effective process transfer that saves costs and reduces the time taken. Remote Process Transitioning allows reuse of the process captured in the transitioning phase to help train the advisors while onboarding new agents. The captured processes create Rapid simulations that are deployed through an online content portal. This portal tracks user performances to identify steps that are susceptible to errors. Through this, Epiplex provides robust assistance to agents and mentors them while performing the actual transition.

Workforce Productivity

Our remote workforce productivity solution offers granular-level monitoring of IT-enabled business processes to provide accurate process metrics. Bottlenecks and process gaps can be easily deciphered through increased process visibility. Identifying suitable candidates is of utmost priority during seamless RPA deployment. Our workforce productivity monitoring solution identifies the best performers and captures the ideal practice required across the organisation.

Process Improvement & Analytics

Process bottlenecks are one of the main reasons projects fail to meet deadlines. An organisation must analyze time-consuming tasks and drill down the workflow blocks through a crisp flowchart. Epiplex500 helps discover productivity gaps that cause performance loss and scales overall business efficiency. Our process improvement solutions address concerns such as unstructured data and repetitive tasks to minimize errors and increase ROIs.

Go-Live Hyper Care

The Epiance Go-Live Hyper care solution improves competency levels by disseminating Subject Matter Expertise to end users with minimal effort. With just a click of a button, users can now gain access to a wide range of knowledge objects such as documents, simulations, video and audio files. Our solutions aim to scale down help desk requests, enhance competency requests, and improve employee productivity while complying with best practices.

EpiGenie RPA

In the ever-changing industry, businesses are constantly challenged to meet user demands. Our EpiGenie RPA solution is tailored to each organization’s niche. Through its rich features and solution-based approach, enterprises can automate some or all parts of their organization’s processes. The EpiGenie RPA is integrated with a continuous process improvement approach where process execution intelligence is constantly gathered and incorporated into ongoing operations, thereby curbing the need for manpower.

The world’s leading companies have employed the Epiplex500 solution for key business transformation. Our process transformation transformative initiatives range from knowledge transfer during transitioning stages, automated documentation to certification of user competency levels.

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